Kindle Fire HD Review


I´m really on the fence on this one!  I´m not quite sure if I like this or not. I mean, having an Ipad makes this a tad bit redundant.  It´s smaller than the Ipad and this makes it more portable. The screen is not very responsive too. One of the reasons why I bought this is because I want a portable ebook that I can read just about anywhere.  I want something ideal that I can read while I´m on my holidays however the screen on the kindle fire is a tad bit difficult to read when it´s under the sun.This surely defeats the purpose of having this gadget for reading during my holidays.

The only advantage it has over the ipad is the speakers. The sound is clear, crisp, and loud. I also like the design as it is sleek and slim and lighter than the ipad. The front facing camera functions well with Skype. I get this feeling that the device is sturdy and well built.

If we compare this to the previous models it is much more responsive than the original kindle but not as sensitive as the Ipad. The games that usually doesn´t work well with previous model work so well and flawlessly on the HD.

As for the price, it pretty much great for its price for a small premium you can get the HD version vis- a- vis the previous model then it´s worth paying the extra. Overall, it really depends on your need if you are just looking for a good ebook with extras then this is perfect. However, if you are looking for a better alternative for a tablet this is not the gadget for you.


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