Is subscribing to spotify premium worth it?


If you are living under a rock Spotify is the top of its league. They´ve revolutionized the music industry by striking a balance between the listeners and the music industry. I mean, the music industry doesn´t like their songs to be downloaded for free and at the same time users don´t want to pay way too much for a whole album when they only like one song from it. This is where Spotify comes in and offers a compromise to both stakeholders. On the surface, Spotify is just another app that lets you play over 30 million songs that you are technically renting and don´t own. But it is constantly improving by adding new features like Spotify Connect which permits you to play songs over wifi, videos, podcasts, language learning audio programs, and lately a feature that matches music to your running pace. Moreover, it has created a community with unique playlists for you to stream. So to make is simpler I´ve added a table that shows you the pros and cons.

The verdict: Despite the increasing competition, Spotify is spot on! It still a top of the pack for streaming music. However, do you really want to pay 9.99 a month for really few added features compared to Spotify for free? The only add on is being able to skip a song and skipping corny ads like discounts on food for your pet goat. I thank Spotify for the free 3 month trial but hey no thanks for a full Spotify Premium account I´d rather listen to ads and not have the option to skip songs. I´ve only added songs that I really love anyway!


Pros Cons
Its massive collection of songs. We are looking at 30 million songs for crying out loud! Combining your own music files with Spotify´s catalog is next to impossible! This is something basic that you can do in Itunes.
The premium is completely ad free. Say goodbye to gibberish ads about tampons and a discount on the hardware store nearest you! Everything is recorded they have yet to have live radio stations.
The interface is very easy to use. You get the option to choose which songs you want to listen to nearest you and skip the ones you don´t like. Only one user can use it at a time. So if you have a boyfriend forget about sharing the same account even if you share the same taste in music. You´ll have to get a different account to be able to enjoy Spotify premium  at 9.99 a month x 12 months x 2 people that´s a painful $240 a year.
It is constantly improving. As mentioned they´ve added a lot of new features. Whatever happened to privacy? If you´ve added friends on Spotify you get to see each other´s top played songs. Really? I don´t like my straight friends seeing me play Lady Gaga, Britney, and Rihanna on loop.

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