Confessions of a homebody and discovering

A couple of months ago I featured  and I´d like to talk about it again. Let me explain,  I´m an extrovert indeed but there is no direct link between being an extrovert and your love for going out. I mean being an introvert doesn´t necessarily makes you a homebody either. But if you are living with a homebody let me give you a guide to understand the psyche.

If you have plans of going out with me make sure that you don’t let me remove my shoes, watch, or any article of clothing because as soon as they are off it would be twice as hard to convince me to leave the house. You can try and bribe me with food but if you ask me ¨What do you want to eat? ¨ To me it sounds like ¨what food do you want to be delivered home? ¨ while in your mind you are saying ¨So where are we going to eat? ¨.

Speaking of being a homebody, I´ve discovered the magic of online shopping. This is when I recommend it’s a website that lets me save money and time. I can shop inside the comforts of my home. Last month I bought a plasma lighter from CouponHills which was a huge bargain. I´ve redeemed a coupon with them and CouponHills took care of the rest. It was good deal. I highly recommend CouponHills. Basically, I get monthly deals. For next month CouponHills is offering a custom chocolate box. I´ll surely take advantage of the deal because I can choose 20 different chocolates and have it sent to my address.

Here is the picture of the plasma lighter I got from CouponHills :



Here is another CouponHills promo that I truly enjoyed! The M&M’s give away is just heaven and above all it’s free!


Give CouponHills a try and I´m sure you’ll enjoy all of the great coupons and deals. At the end of the day, staying home is less expensive than going out be prepared to argue to pitch your idea. The only sure fire way for me to go out is if you unplug the wifi router! Happy internet shopping!


Anki Deck App Review

I remember watching The Matrix and the most striking scene for me was when Neo learned Kung Fu instantly. It was as simple as uploading a program and before you know it our protagonist suddenly learned a martial art that takes years to learn. Wouldn´t it be cool if we´ve invented something like this? What if I told you that we have something similar albeit not as sophisticated as the one on The Matrix.


According to their website: ¨Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it is a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.

Anyone who needs to remember things in their daily life can benefit from Anki. Since it is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup (via LaTeX), the possibilities are endless. For example:

  • learning a language
  • studying for medical and law exams
  • memorizing people’s names and faces
  • brushing up on geography
  • mastering long poems
  • even practicing guitar chords!

There are two simple concepts behind Anki: active recall testing andspaced repetition. They are not known to most learners, despite having been written about in the scientific literature for many years. Understanding how they work will make you a more effective learner. ¨


It´s claim to fame is the active recall testing. In simple terms active recall is simply being asked a question and remembering the answer vis-à-vis the normal studying routine of reading without stopping to check if actually know the answer. Research shows that active recall is more effective at building strong memories versus just passive ratings. The mere act of recalling strengthens your memory and therefore increasing the chance for you to remember things. Moreover, if we fail to give an answer it shows us to return to the material and study it again.

The application also uses spaced repetition. This means that the things that you´ve already learned are showed later than thing that you haven´t learned. The cards that you fail to give the answers to will repeat itself more often than the cards that you´ve already know the answer to.

The app is surely stress-free to use it. It´s very intuitive to use! Ankidroid is very customizable. You can customize font size, color, screen rotation, etc.  Moreover, there are fancy graphs that show you statistics about your studying progress. This app is surely a must for students as it can help you study anything!

Google Releases Pixel

I´m not sure how true but if indeed it charges 15 minutes for 7 hours then take my money!! What do you guys think? Did they just roast Apple by saying they have a headphone jack? They roasted apple because they release phones like 4s, 5s, 5s plus, 6, 6s, 6s plus etc. they literally increase the screen size and call it a new phone. Thats why Google said ‘no version number’ as in the S and Plus. I´m slighlty convinced. As soon as I have  a free trial I will write about it!

More about

Remember last week I talked to you about Couponhills? Well here is a brief summary of what it is all about as I have been getting emails about the service.

Couponhills is a subscription service where you get crazy offers on rare products every month for a very small price. I have been looking for these kinds of products for a long time, but the stores don’t want to keep it as interesting. For example, look at this box that I got not so long ago.


This is the same as I got in the mail!

Is it only me that loves Reese’s? I know. They’re delicious.

Now let me tell you something. I like all of the offers Couponhills  present every month. Sometimes the products are worth twice if not quadruple the price I pay. It’s so fun to receive, like celebrating my birthday every month or like getting a little Christmas gift. And every time I check my account on Couponhills I´m excited to see  new offers.

Damn cool service I wish we had way more of in the world. Too bad I’m only allowed to have one account!



A Guide to Maximizing Discounts on Online coupon sites like Couponhills

I caught a few episodes of Extreme Coupon Hunting on TLC and I was shocked at how these people are able to get so many deals that can fill their whole basement with supplies they won´t even need in their lifetime. Inspired as I was, I tried bargain hunting myself and have been successful so far. I came up with several tips on maximizing your coupons.

My first tip to maximize your coupons is to search for online deals. You can often find offers by liking Facebook pages of following twitter accounts of your favorite products.  Sometime they give exclusive deals on their social network accounts. For instance, Starbucks would often post exclusive offers on their Facebook page and you get to be the first to try out their new blends.


Speaking of online deals, you have to make sure that you check out coupon websites and that they are legit! For instance, I just signed up over at Couponhills as I´ve seen a promo and Couponhills is giving away a free portable charger for your phone! Most of the smartphones right now have super short battery life. This can surely go handy to make your phone last longer. As soon as signing up,  Couponhills sent me a coupon which I redeemed with them and I got my free portable charger sent to my address via mail as you can see on the picture below. I didn´t even have to leave the comforts of my home as Couponhills did all the work for me.


Couponhills also has an awesome support to help me whenever I needed assistance. I think this is an important aspect of shopping online on Couponhills. A good website for shopping should have customer support available to  help any time you need to clarify something.




Apart from searching online site like Couponhills , you can also download mobile apps of your favorite products. For instance, KFC offers exclusive deals on their mobile app so does Nike, Sephora, Amazon etc.

Just make sure you don´t overspend. Many shoppers tend to overspend when they take advantage of their coupons. We can surely avoid it by setting a budget on how much we want to spend.  It´s also alright to stock up on things but be reasonable you won´t need 100 bottles of fabric softener, will you?

Lastly, stay organized as a lot of coupons simply go to waste because you forget you have them or simply you don´t check the expiry date Couponhillsprovide you with coupons with the expiration date clearly visible. If you are not on Couponhills and if you are collecting coupons manually, a rule of thumb is to organize coupons by expiration date and that way you´ll use it before it expires. You can also carry with you coupons that are about to expiry. I hope this helps happy bargain hunting!