Skyscanner versus Kayak


I love travelling but I love it even more now that there hundreds of deals online. With these deals we´ve practically became borderless. I´m sure you know about the main Low Cost carriers, their destinations, and even the alternative airports that they have e.g. Paris Beauvais instead of landing in Paris itself. It´s so easy to buy a ticket with your laptop or smartphone. It should be cheap if you bought months in advance. But… if I told you that there are better ways of scanning cheap flights you´ll probably jump for joy. I´m talking about these applications that looks for flights from all of the airlines out there. There are various apps for these but the most famous ones are Skyscanner and Kayak. So which is better at saving you time and money?

One of the major differences between Kayak and Skyscanner is the design. Skyscanner just goes direct to point while Kayak is less intuitive and offers more option that can distract user.


With a quick glance, Skyscanner directly opens up with flight search by destination, point of origin, the date, the class, and the number of passengers.

Kayak on the other hand offers more services so it seems more cluttered. On the get go, it offers you a search based on hotels, flights, cars, travels, alerts etc. (15 other options) so in my opinion it lacks some form of order.

The bottom line is Kayak offers more services like car rental, tours, hotels etc. and Skyscanner is specialized for just looking for flights. Just like any comparison, it really depends on how the application serves the user. If you are only looking for cheap flights then Skyscanner is what you are looking for. However, if you want a no brainer trip that has everything included then Kayak is the better choice.



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