Confessions of a homebody and discovering

A couple of months ago I featured  and I´d like to talk about it again. Let me explain,  I´m an extrovert indeed but there is no direct link between being an extrovert and your love for going out. I mean being an introvert doesn´t necessarily makes you a homebody either. But if you are living with a homebody let me give you a guide to understand the psyche.

If you have plans of going out with me make sure that you don’t let me remove my shoes, watch, or any article of clothing because as soon as they are off it would be twice as hard to convince me to leave the house. You can try and bribe me with food but if you ask me ¨What do you want to eat? ¨ To me it sounds like ¨what food do you want to be delivered home? ¨ while in your mind you are saying ¨So where are we going to eat? ¨.

Speaking of being a homebody, I´ve discovered the magic of online shopping. This is when I recommend it’s a website that lets me save money and time. I can shop inside the comforts of my home. Last month I bought a plasma lighter from CouponHills which was a huge bargain. I´ve redeemed a coupon with them and CouponHills took care of the rest. It was good deal. I highly recommend CouponHills. Basically, I get monthly deals. For next month CouponHills is offering a custom chocolate box. I´ll surely take advantage of the deal because I can choose 20 different chocolates and have it sent to my address.

Here is the picture of the plasma lighter I got from CouponHills :



Here is another CouponHills promo that I truly enjoyed! The M&M’s give away is just heaven and above all it’s free!


Give CouponHills a try and I´m sure you’ll enjoy all of the great coupons and deals. At the end of the day, staying home is less expensive than going out be prepared to argue to pitch your idea. The only sure fire way for me to go out is if you unplug the wifi router! Happy internet shopping!


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