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Remember last week I talked to you about Couponhills? Well here is a brief summary of what it is all about as I have been getting emails about the service.

Couponhills is a subscription service where you get crazy offers on rare products every month for a very small price. I have been looking for these kinds of products for a long time, but the stores don’t want to keep it as interesting. For example, look at this box that I got not so long ago.


This is the same as I got in the mail!

Is it only me that loves Reese’s? I know. They’re delicious.

Now let me tell you something. I like all of the offers Couponhills  present every month. Sometimes the products are worth twice if not quadruple the price I pay. It’s so fun to receive, like celebrating my birthday every month or like getting a little Christmas gift. And every time I check my account on Couponhills I´m excited to see  new offers.

Damn cool service I wish we had way more of in the world. Too bad I’m only allowed to have one account!




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