A Guide to Maximizing Discounts on Online coupon sites like Couponhills

I caught a few episodes of Extreme Coupon Hunting on TLC and I was shocked at how these people are able to get so many deals that can fill their whole basement with supplies they won´t even need in their lifetime. Inspired as I was, I tried bargain hunting myself and have been successful so far. I came up with several tips on maximizing your coupons.

My first tip to maximize your coupons is to search for online deals. You can often find offers by liking Facebook pages of following twitter accounts of your favorite products.  Sometime they give exclusive deals on their social network accounts. For instance, Starbucks would often post exclusive offers on their Facebook page and you get to be the first to try out their new blends.


Speaking of online deals, you have to make sure that you check out coupon websites and that they are legit! For instance, I just signed up over at Couponhills as I´ve seen a promo and Couponhills is giving away a free portable charger for your phone! Most of the smartphones right now have super short battery life. This can surely go handy to make your phone last longer. As soon as signing up,  Couponhills sent me a coupon which I redeemed with them and I got my free portable charger sent to my address via mail as you can see on the picture below. I didn´t even have to leave the comforts of my home as Couponhills did all the work for me.


Couponhills also has an awesome support to help me whenever I needed assistance. I think this is an important aspect of shopping online on Couponhills. A good website for shopping should have customer support available to  help any time you need to clarify something.




Apart from searching online site like Couponhills , you can also download mobile apps of your favorite products. For instance, KFC offers exclusive deals on their mobile app so does Nike, Sephora, Amazon etc.

Just make sure you don´t overspend. Many shoppers tend to overspend when they take advantage of their coupons. We can surely avoid it by setting a budget on how much we want to spend.  It´s also alright to stock up on things but be reasonable you won´t need 100 bottles of fabric softener, will you?

Lastly, stay organized as a lot of coupons simply go to waste because you forget you have them or simply you don´t check the expiry date Couponhillsprovide you with coupons with the expiration date clearly visible. If you are not on Couponhills and if you are collecting coupons manually, a rule of thumb is to organize coupons by expiration date and that way you´ll use it before it expires. You can also carry with you coupons that are about to expiry. I hope this helps happy bargain hunting!



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