So your music on Spotify can now affect results on your Tinder

When searching for a potential partner, there are a variety of factors that can help you decide whether you want to give someone a chance or not. The usual suspects are a nice profile photo, an interesting bio and maybe a good opening line. However, knowing what the other person likes in terms of TV, movies and music are also great ways to quickly size someone up, and now Spotify and Tinder want to make the process of swiping right and left a little more musical with a new integration.

Spotify has just united with tinder to integrate the musical profile on the famous musical app on the dating app. So now swiping left or right can now be affected by one´s musical preferences.

Tinder now suggests potential dates basing it on one´s musical choices. Each user could now post the hymn of their lives on their Tinder profie. This is a win win situation for both apps as they promote each other. Tinder users without spotify can now listen to preview song on a person´s tinder profile on the same way that users on spotify can now swipe left and right on their spotify profile albeit this feature is yet to be launched by both apps.

Who would have thought that your favorite songs, artists, and albums are now a factor to consider.


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