Mint Review


What is it? It´s a web based financial program, used by over 15 million people. It´s easy to sign-up and stress-free to add new accounts. You can have a personal account, banking, credit cards, and investing accounts. It´s like an excel spreadsheet but intuitive and is more helpful in terms of budgeting and setting goals. You´ll have a quick view of your financial status at a glance.

Pros: What I love about it is that you´ll get a weekly summary sent on your email. You´ll be able to track on how you´ve spent or earned money in the past week. It will also update you on pending bills moreover tell you ways on how to save money on transaction fees. If you want to see your finances on your mobile phone they also have an app for it.

Cons:  Mint is a free product and this means you won´t have customer phone support. They do have mail support but we all know you can all do so much with the email. If you had used a different program before mint there is no way to import data.

The Bottom line: It´s an awesome tool to keep you track of your finances. I´ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. I´m not hesitant to give them 5 stars, if they´ll eventually have phone support and if you can import data from a different financial app.


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