Samson C01U Pak Podcasting Pack Review


Upon unboxing the Samson Podcasting Pack , you´ll see a standard microphone stand, it also has a shock stand with an elastic string to reduce vibrations, it has a software that you can use, and the main container is awesome!

You´ll be getting a great condenser microphone ideal for recording voice over work, podcast, and even  recording your own covers. The only down side is that it´s only ok if you are doing a one man podcast or one man recording. The quality reduces as soon as you share the microphone with another person or even worse with a musical instrument. It is also very easy to hookup via usb connection to you PC it´s really plug and play. Well, you´re going to have to check if your PC is capable of handling this hardware. I don´t fancy the recording software that it comes with. There are better programs out their like the adobe and audacity.

The price is also reasonable. This one is perfect for podcasts, Vlogs, and even personal covers as long as it´s a one man thing. The mic has a professional sound as well. The sound is crisp and clear which is what we are looking for in a condenser mic anyway.  It works about as expected don´t expect a thousand dollar quality mic and you will be very pleased with the sound. The adjustable mic stand is stellar!  Both the tripod and microphone are very lightweight which makes them easy to transport around with you if you need it on the go. They’re tiny enough to fit in a backpack or laptop bag. Moreover, the tripod allows you to adjust the angle of the microphone which comes quite handy. The microphone struggles a bit the further you get away from it the worse the sound is.


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