Asus ZenFone Selfie Review


I bought this mobile phone because I want the best value for my money and the idea is not to break the bank. I have been very happy with my phone so far.  In terms of pricing, it belongs to the midrange tier phones. However, don´t be fooled as it is packed with so much features that can give expensive phones a run for their money.

Just by its name, we already know that this phone is geared towards millenials obsessed about taking selfies.  Just by the available colors, aquamarine, white, and rose, we know that it is designed for young users. The thing that I like about it is the big Full HD screen. Its screen is good for daily use and is sufficient for you mobile needs. One of its strongest points is the camera. Both the back and front camera is equipped with 13 megapixels by Toshiba. It has the capacity to record in 1080p as well. I mean, there is really nothing quite like this the Asus Zenphone Selfie in the phone market that takes high resolution selfies.

Considering its price, it is a reasonable phone for its price range. It offers 32GB of onboard storage which you can extend to 64 GB via microSD card.  The battery is good so far for me. I´m a heavy mobile user and it lasts for a long time.  It takes about a day and half to finish the battery life. Imagine if I´m tech savy enough to use apps the disable draining apps or uninstall repeated apps then it should last me longer.  I´ll give this 4 stars out of 5!


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