Nespresso Machines Review

Yes not everything is created equal! This applies to Nespresso machines too! I mean, sure they use the same capsules but it doesn´t mean they make coffee to the same standard. Some are just perfect for making a quick espresso that is enough for your daily caffeine needs. While others, are posh enough to make you a gourmet type brew with its built-in milk frother. Let me guide you to the world of Nespresso machines to help you make an informed choice.


Inissia Espresso Maker is their entry level machine. It is the cheapest machine from Nespresso. It is the no fuzz, no frills, straight to the point espresso mechanism. This is ideal for the person on the go who just wants his daily caffeine fix. One of its main advantage is that you don´t have to wait for the machine to warm up before you make your coffee selection. I just don´t like the plastic case that houses it. However, it´s nothing to worry about as it still functions properly it even has a tray you can lift up so you can put a larger mug.

Pixie Espresso Maker is their midrange machine. It´s just like the Inissia model however it got a great design upgrade. The case is now metal and comes in stylish metallic colors. The small footprint makes this machine well suited for smaller kitchens and it doesn´t take a lot of counter space. The coffee quality is amazing and that´s the first thing that we want on a coffee machine, isn´t it? It´s such a shame that the water reservoir is exactly the same as the Inissia model had they upgraded it to a larger receptacle then I wouldn´t have to refill it with water more often. I´ve noticed that it makes less noise when it makes coffee compared to the Inissia model. It´s worth the small price difference between the Inissia Espresso Maker because it just consistently makes good coffee any time of the day without the annoying noise.

Lastly, the Lattissima is the most expensive machine among the three. I´m really on the fence on this one because I´m baffled whether I like it or not. For once, it is very intuitive. I mean the entire process is easy just insert the capsule, press the button, and the machine does everything. It has a smart system too. If you don´t like the factory pre-sets, then you can always customize the pre-sets to fit your expectations by adjusting the amount milk/water. The only thing you can´t change is the maximum amount of coffee per drink which is 200ml. I mean if you went so far with a smart technology to customize the pre-sets then why stop at limiting the amount of coffee to 200ml per drink, right? For someone who loves latte, this means your latte won´t be more than 400ml. This model is way bigger compared to the previous models. However, with its size, I´m still left wondering why they didn´t update the pods. They are still small! This just means that the amount of coffee per drink is limited to what´s in the pod. The milk is not warm as promised though. The only plus is that it is very easy to use and it is fully automated and the quality of coffee you make is close to professional.

At the end of the day, it will all come down to your budget and your expectations of what a good espresso, latte, or cappuccino maker is. The bottom line is Nespresso found its niche in making gourmet coffee for everyone at the comforts of their own home!


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